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Hyeonpung Gwak's 12jeongryeogak


 Hyeonpung Gwak's Sibijeongryeogak img
  • Classification : Cultural Material No. 29
  • Designated Date : Aug. 7, 1990
  • Location : 1348-2 Jiri, Hyeonpung-myeon
  • Era : 31st year of King Seonjo (1598)
  • Area : 570m2, 1 building (53m2)
This shrine (Jeongnyeogak) was built in the period of King Yeongjo in the 18th century to commemorates the twelve ancestors of the Hyeonpung Gwak family who were awarded from the government.

A jeongnyeo was an award for people who conducted good deeds such as loyalty, filial respects, chastity, etc. Especially, it was a very rare thing for one clan to receive 12 jeongnyeo award.

This shrine “Jeongnyeogak,” designated as Cultural Material No. 29, has the steles of the 12 ancestors.